Customer satisfaction is what we are most proud of

“[The JL Dunn team] has done a great job pushing this project to completion per our desired schedule. Without their focus and client oriented decision making this project would not have been as successful. Our business has opened in Boston strong and our founders are very pleased with the quality of the store. It was a pleasure working with J.L.Dunn!”
Wolfgang Horn
Project Manager, Retail Construction, Allbirds
“Thank you JL Dunn for all the work that you did on 90 Oak Street! The staff from iVantage was blown away. It was really a joy to see them walk through the space and see all of their faces and how they were going to use the space. I know we aren’t JL Dunn’s biggest client by any stretch but you have always been focused on our needs, which I truly appreciate.”
Ethan Arnold
President, the Chartis Group
"J.L Dunn and Company was the contractor on two of our projects. Both projects were fast track. One a high end office build out and the other a gut renovation of a high rise warehouse renovation into class B+ office space. I can't say enough about the degree of attention and commitment that both projects received from the project manager and the construction supervisors. They filled the holes in the documents as well as the building. Thanks to everyone at J.L Dunn and Company."
Mike Zimmerman, PE, LEED AP
Allied Consulting Engineering Services, Inc.
"The JL Dunn crew were the most professional commercial construction firm I have worked with over the years. Of particular note was their ability to come up with last minute creative solutions to the types of problems that occur on all projects, always with a focus on timeliness and making the right recommendations based on price."
Paul English
CEO, Founder, Kayak
"Blade is a Boston-based consumer technology foundry, investing over $20m in consumer technology startups in the Boston area. Blade employees, and those of our portfolio companies, are the key to our success. Our headquarters at 250 Summer St in Seaport had to reflect our passion for attracting the best employees in Boston. We felt it was critical to align ourselves with a construction firm that understood our unique environment, and could deliver the results we demanded. JL Dunn was the perfect fit for Blade. They pushed hard to complete our build-out on time, with minimal interruptions, and at the same time infusing their vision into our architectural plans. JL Dunn understood all aspects of the project, ensuring we had no problems up through and including the Certificate of Occupancy."
Paul Schwenk
COO & Co-Founder, Blade